Providing a fair and competitive venue for girl's hockey.

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 Section 1:  Teams   ** NEW


1. **    All teams must be registered with Massachusetts Hockey and USA Hockey.  An official USA Hockey roster for U10, U12 , U14 and U16/U18  teams, signed and stamped by your District Registrar or online link, must be submitted to the Middlesex Yankee Conference Girls League by September 15 of the current season.  Supplemental rosters or online links should be submitted immediately upon receipt from your District Registrar.   Birth certificates of all players must be made available to the MYC League upon request. 

2.    A roster will consist of a maximum of 18 players excluding goaltenders.  Exceptions to this must be requested in writing to the MYC League for approval. 

3.     A minimum of six (6) players is required to be dressed for a game. 

4.     Player eligibility dates for team rosters will be in accordance with USA Hockey.   Player must be league age as of 12/31 of the current season.  U16/18 - Eighteen years or younger; U14 - Fourteen years or younger;  U12 - Twelve years or younger;  U10 - Ten years or younger. 

  5.    The MYC will permit players, legally rostered, to play for their town and one other town team.  If the town teams end up in the same division or could possibly play against each other, the player must choose one team at the beginning of the season and stay on that roster for all games in which the two teams meet.  Playdown games included.  This will be granted on a case by case basis and only with prior league approval.

   6.   The divisions will be U10, U12, U14 and U16/18.  The MYC will permit players to play on a team one age division up within their town program for a total of 10 games.  For example, if a town needs to borrow players on their U12 team, U10 players can play on both teams as long as the U10 players are age appropriate.  U12 players cannot play down on U10 teams unless they are U10 age appropriate.  This rule applies to U12 players to U14 teams as well.  All players must be legally rostered on both teams.  A or I players can only play for A or I teams. A or I players from younger levels cannot play for B or II teams under any circumstances. If only one team exists in any level, the team must be in the uppermost division to receive A or I players from below.  A or 1 players cannot play on B or 2 teams at the same age level.  Girls playing on youth teams cannot play for an MYC team unless they are on your USA Hockey roster.  Failure to comply will result in an automatic forfiet for each game as well as a full game charge.

7. **     All players must have legal equipment.  CHIN STRAPS are required at all levels.  MOUTH GUARDS are required for U12 and older.   It is strongly recommended that mouth guards be used at the U10 level, but not required.  A six-minute misconduct penalty will be charged if, after a warning, players are not in compliance.  One warning per bench.

8.     Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches must be USA Hockey patched in accordance with the new USA Hockey Coaching Education Program and completed all age-appropriate modules.  Patched coaches must record their certification number on all gamesheets along with their signature.

9.     This is a girls only league and, as such, boys (illegal players) are not allowed to play under any circumstances.  Any coach who disregards this rule will be given a game misconduct and the game will be a forfeit. 



Section 2:  Playing Rules   


1.     Unless otherwise specified in the Rules and Policies of the MYCGL, the playing rules will be guided by the current USA Hockey/Massachusetts Hockey rulebooks. 

2.     All teams should be ready to take the ice five (5) minutes prior to the scheduled start of their game and will take the ice immediately at the request of the game officials. 

3.     A three-minute warm-up shall be allowed at the start of the game.  Teams that are not prepared to play after the conclusion of the warm-up period will be given a Delay of Game penalty. 

4.     MERCY RULE:  Any game where the score differential is five (5) goals in the third period, running time will commence only after both coaches agree.  If both coaches want stop time despite the score rather than running time, stop time will resume.  If the score reverts to less than five (5) goals, stop time will resume. 

5.     Any game in which there is a combined penalty total of 14 or more will be played in running time for the remainder of the game. 

6.     Any penalty called after the whistle is blown may carry a misconduct penalty. 

7.     Any penalty called during the post-game handshake will carry an automatic game misconduct. 

8.     Any player incurring four (4) penalties in one game will be immediately ejected from the game and receive a game misconduct which must be served at the next scheduled MYCGL game. 

9.     The exchange of fists (fighting) on or off the ice between players will carry an automatic misconduct penalty with a one-game suspension.  See Rule 11. 

10.   Any team receiving a total of 12 penalties in one game shall forfeit the game, pay a double charge and the Head Coach will be suspended for the next MYCGL game. 

11.    Any game misconduct with ejection assessed to a player in the Middlesex Yankee Conference Girls League, or, MYCGL must be served in the next MYCGL game. 

To satisfy USA Hockey rules, the player must sit out the next game when assessed a game misconduct penalty with an ejection and noted on the scoresheet. 

A coach or player who knowingly violates this rule will be subject to a one (1) year suspension from MYCGL for using an illegal player. 

12.    Any coach or team official who receives a game misconduct with ejection will be required to sit out the next two MYCGL games and noted on the scoresheet.  Any coach or team official who knowingly violates this rule and refuses to sit out will be suspended from the MYCGL for the remainder of the season. 

13. **  Penalties: 

             Minor:  1.5 minutes (double minors are considered two penalties)

             Minor: 1:00 minute  for U10/U12 Only

             Major:  5.0 minutes 
             Misconduct:  10.0 minutes 
             Game Misconduct:  Ejection and one game suspension

14.    All MYCGL games are played under a curfew, therefore, under USA Hockey rule 637e, there will be no timeouts permitted, except for the end of season Championship Playoff games where one (1) timeout per team is permitted. 

15.    The Head Coach is responsible for the behavior of players, parents and spectators.  Any parent or spectator who, after being warned by a league official, ie:  Referee, persists in conduct which is detrimental to the play of the game, will be ejected from the rink.  If the individual(s) refuses to leave the area, players will take their benches and running time will commence until offender leaves the premises. 

16.     If a player is injured, coaches are not allowed onto the ice until the Referee signals them. 

17.     Parents are not allowed on the ice or in the vicinity of the Referee’s locker room or scorekeeper's box. 

18.     To be eligible to play in the end of season playoffs, a player must appear on that team’s official USA Hockey roster with  the proper stamps and signatures, on file with the MYCGL, and will have played at least ten (10) games with player’s name appearing on the gamesheets. 

19.    Two (2) points are awarded for a win, one (1) point for a tie and zero (0) points for a loss in the league standings. 

20.     Roster questions (player eligibility, gender, etc.) will be directed to the MYCGL home office at 4 Leslie Rd., Waltham, MA  02451 accompanied by a check made out to the league for $100.  At no time is a team official allowed to question referees about rosters.  A bench minor will be assessed to the team if a coach questions the eligibility or gender of a player.  If a coach persists after the bench minor is assessed, the penalty will escalate including ejection from the game. 


Section 3:  Schedules, Postponements, Cancellations and Make-ups 

1.     Every effort will be made by the MYCGL to issue schedules in a timely manner. 

2.     All requests for special scheduling must be made four weeks prior to the end of the current schedule.  Any changes needed after that date are the responsibility of the team/program.

3.     In case of inclement weather, unless instructed by the MYCGL that the game has been canceled, teams should call the rink.  If the rink is open, the game should be played.  If the two teams decide not to play, the make-up game is the responsibility of the teams/programs. 

     4.    Teams/Programs needing to request a change in the schedule must do so three weeks prior     to the scheduled game.  Every       effort will be made to accommodate a game switch, but if it is not possible because other teams are unavailable, the team              requesting the change must either play or make up the game. 


        Canceling Team

        Canceling Teams have 30 days after the scheduled game date to make up the game.

        A score of 1-0 forfeit will be entered for the canceled game

        Canceling Team is responsible for the Makeup ice, Referees and a Timekeeper.

        Canceling Teams will offer two dates to their canceled game opponent to make up the game.       

        If the dates are not acceptable to the opponent of the canceling team and the dates are *reasonable request by the canceling team,          both teams will have the game listed as a 0-0 tie and both teams will be charged as if the game was played.

       Canceling teams that do not make up the canceled game will incur a double charge for the game and $100 additional charge           billed to the Team. 

        The game will be recorded as a forfeit and will count towards the seasons total of games for the canceling team.

        Canceled Game Opponent

          For teams that had a canceled game, you will be offered two dates to make up the game within the 30-day window from the           c  canceling team.

        If the dates are not acceptable to your team and the dates are *reasonable request by the canceling team. Both teams will have the          game listed as a 0-0 Tie and both teams will be charged as if the game was played.

* Reasonable Request dates will be reviewed by the MYC to determine acceptable offered times reasonable for the age level.

     6.   Coaches/Team Reps will have 48 hours after the completed game in which electronic scoring was not available to email the scores to the league followed by mailing the white gamesheet.  The white gamesheet is the responsibility of the winning coach/team rep.  In the case of a tie, the home team's coach/team rep should mail the gamesheet.

Once both teams agree on a makeup date and time, email so it can be added to the Master Game Schedule.


Section 4:  Amendments 


The Rules and Policies of the MYCGL may be amended, repealed or revised at any time.

Revised September 2022