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MYC Makeup Games Owed


 Note - All makeup games must be completed before the regular season ends for U18 on 11/24/19, and 3/22/20 for all other teams.

To avoid a double charge and $100 fine.  All makeup ice is the responsibility of the canceling program along with referees and a scorekeeper.


Canceling Team Date Team Owed

Date Scheduled/


Melrose 9/28/19 Belmont    
Wellesley 9/21/19 Andover-1    
Natick A 9/28/19 Danvers    
Needham 10/12/19 Danvers    
Cambridge 10/12/19 Masco Red    
MB Warriors 10/13/19 Wellesley 10/23 @ O'Brien  
Charlestown A 10/13/19 Allston/Brighton    
Needham 10/19/19 Cape Ann    
Masco Red 10/26/19 Charlestown B    
Waltham 10/27/19 Winchester A    
Parkway 11/16/19 ABCC    
Reading 9/21/19 Dedham    
Reading 10/5/19 Melrose    
Dedham 10/5/19 Belmont A    
Charlestown 10/12/19 Andover-2    
Reading 10/12/19 Cape Ann    
Melrose 10/12/19 Framingham    
Nashoba 11/16/19 Winthrop    
Andover-1 11/16/19 Natick    
Lexington/Bedford A 9/7/19 Wakefield    
Lexington/Bedford B 9/15/19 Chelmsford 9/13 @ Hayden  
Wilmington 9/22/19 KPW White 10/5 @ Norfolk  
NA Panthers 10/5/19 Lexington/Bedford A    
Winthrop 10/19/19 Andover White    
Lincoln/Sudbury 11/2/19 Brookline    
Woburn 11/16/19 MB Warriors Black