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Hoping for health and safety to all visiting our website.  As we approach the 2020/2021 girl's hockey season, the opening is entirely dependent upon the Commonwealth's mandate for resuming youth games in all sports.  With an eye to September, we would like to go ahead publishing a normal schedule of games realizing it may have to be pushed ahead a month or two.  We will all need to be extremely flexible.  That said, please register your teams as if a normal season is taking place, MINUS ANY REGISTRATION FEES, and we will take it from there. 


The Middlesex Yankee Conference Girl's Hockey League is entering our 18th season and, thanks to our programs, had nearly 140 teams skating last season.

We will be offering at least four levels within each U10, U12 and U14 divisions as well as for our pre-season U16/18 teams.

A four to six game parity round will be played for our U10, U12 & U14 teams with adjustments to follow and continuing throughout the season.

Please submit an online registration form found on the left vertical menu.


COVID -19 Rink Procedures


The MYC will follow Mass Hockey’s safety guidelines to play hockey.

Our rinks may have additional protocols that are required that teams adhere to that are set by the local Board of Health.

As each rink provides us their individual requirements we will post them here, I am sure this list will be changing as the season begins, please check this often and if you have any questions please reach out to or


MYCGL - Player / Guardian Waiver    MYCGL -  Team Contact and Waiver Form

Stoneham - Stoneham Arena 

Anyone participating in or viewing an event at Stoneham Arena must complete the below waiver before entry. Please complete this prior to arrival. You will be required to hand in the form to your Team Representative when entering Stoneham Arena.

Please take 15 minutes of your day and watch the three videos attached before you show up at Stoneham Arena for your game. 

Coming to the Arena prepared will make this process easier for all of us and likely less anxious and stressful for you.

The videos describe the procedures when you get to the Arena.  I will walk you through a map of the arena and show you on screen where to go, what to do, and what to expect.  This is not perfect – we understand. 

We will be constantly monitoring and working with the local officials to find ways to improve the processes to make it easier and safer for all.  These videos reflect what the Town of Stoneham currently wants us to do.  Our choice is not a choice at all – we either do this, or we cannot use the Arena.

We ask for your understanding, your patience, your cooperation, and your help ensuring the safe use of Stoneham Arena.  Please do not be the person that gets MYC Hockey banned.

Video 1:  Stoneham Arena Procedures – This video describes where to go, and what to do.  This video applies to all individuals entering the building. 

Video 2:  Goalie Procedures – This video describes goalie specific procedures and the use of a goalie designated dressing area.

Video 3:  Check in Desk and Waivers – This video describes the procedure at the Check-In desk when you first arrive at the Arena and the Waivers that are necessary to skate at Stoneham Arena.


Walpole - Rodman Arena 

Anyone participating in or viewing an event at Rodman Arena must complete the below waiver before entry. Please complete this prior to arrival. You will be required to check-in and fill it out online in the lobby.


Ryan Arena - Watertown - Rink Procedures 

Nashoba Olympia - Rink Procedures

Anyone participating in or viewing an event at Nashoba Olympia must complete the below waivers before entry.  Please complete this prior to arrival.

Nashoba Waiver

Nashoba Contact Tracing Form  (Coaches)


Essex Sports Center Protocol


FMC - Roche Arena Procedures -

FMC - Simoni Rink Procedures -

**Commonwealth mandates override on rule 22.  Face masks must be worn on the bench at all times.   Waiver form on page 7


Phillips Acadamy Andover Procedures

O'Brien Rink Procedures

Waltham Rink Procedures

Waltham Contact Tracing Form - needed for all games at Waltham Rink

Larsen Rink Procedures

Chase Arena Traffic Flow

Ed Burns Arena Procedures, Arlington


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